Thursday, March 26, 2015

Temptation of Locking Profits

Hi Everyone,

I believe every investors have felt this way before, the temptation of locking profits. I am just a two months old investors and I already have this feeling of locking profits from DBS share. The reason is because it is going to hit my target price, which will be around one year worth of dividends (from DBS) plus a bit of extra coffee money. 

My criteria of locking profit is simple, if it hits one year worth of dividend, I will locked it. Although other people my disagree with my action because there is a possibility of the share growing even more. However, I am not an expert in reading fundamental analysis and technical analysis, I wouldn't bet on that especially for DBS because DBS really is a roller coaster. I prefer something like a stable stock like Starhub or M1, which is one of the shares that I will go into when I cash out from DBS. 

My eyes are on Starhub or M1 or maybe both depending on the cash flow I have. Then after that wait for a while to see if bank stock will fall back to it's normal state before going in again to earn some profits. (These are just my personal views - do not follow)

Well, lets see tomorrow whether DBS will hit my target price. If yes, there will be a change in my portfolio. If not, then will probably need to wait till next week, or get my dividends first.

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