Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Report - Portfolio and Passive Income Result

Hi Everyone,

Today is the last day of March, thus, I will do a consolidation of my activity for this month.As you can see on the dividend's column, you will know that I did not hit my target of $120 for this month. The reason is because I only have AIMSAMP CAP REITs for dividend collection and OCBC interest rate. $23.72 more to hit my target but oh well, have to see month effort on reaching the goal, which is highly possible due to the fact that I will be collecting dividends from ST Engineering, which gives a dividend of $110 in the month of April. Plus OCBC 360 interest rate, I should be able to hit that target.Now I am a bit worried that my company did not cash in my salary to OCBC 360 account on time, which leads me to lose 1% of my interest rate for this month. Hope they can get it done as soon as possible :D

This is my updated portfolio:

OCBC is the latest member on board, welcome OCBC :)

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