Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sold DBS Shares

Hi Everyone,

I have sold DBS shares today with a profit of more than $180, which is more than a year worth of dividends plus a tiny bit of profit. DBS really gives me hard attack during the month of February when I purchase this stock. The reason is because I bought it at 19.7 and suddenly it drop to 19.2 flat. Which makes me wondering whether my decision of purchasing this stock is really worth it. But I persevere and finally I can see my results :D Which is not a bad one because I gain one year worth of DBS' dividend and a tiny bit of profit like around $12 (Well better than nothing :D).

With that said, I have earned the passive income of around $180++ which I will included this month's calculation. For those who are still holding DBS stock, I hope everyone of you huat ar! I will certainly buy DBS shares again when it drops to 19.xx range. So for now, see ya DBS, I have a nice ride from you :D

Now, my focus will be on OCBC, hope OCBC can hit $11 mark and huat ah!

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