Saturday, March 21, 2015

Life Hacks Part One!

Hi Everyone!

Today I am going to share two life hacks that you can do in order to save money in Singapore!

The first one is purchasing cold bottle drink in non-cold bottle drink price

As we know, cold drinks are more expensive than those normal drinks that are store in the shelf (by around 15 cents to 20 cents). How how about I tell you a way that you can purchase that cold drink for the price of the normal drinks? 

The method is self-checkout. If you have notice that there are more and more supermarkets like Cold Storage, NTUC and Giants have implemented self-checkout kiosk which enables the shoppers to do their own checkout in order to ease the queue. 

This is where the hack comes in, if you are purchasing, lets say cold 100 Plus which cost lets say $1.25 as compared to the non-cold 100 Plus cost around $1, you would need to pay $1.25 if you purchase it with the cashier. However, you will only need to pay $1, just $1 if you do it at self-checkout kiosk!

If you still suspicious about it, do check it out yourself. (Tested and Proven)

The second one is free entry to Sentosa

Maybe I am WOLS (slow) but if you notice, Sentosa is giving free entry during weekends. I believe this is to encourage people to go to Sentosa to enjoy their weekends. If you have no place to go and have limited budget, do consider Sentosa with its free entry. The free entry does not apply to their monorail, only free walk in.


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