Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Review on Expenses Manager Application

Hi Everyone,

If you remember that previously I have blog about a android application called "Expenses Manager" which helps to keep track of our daily expenses and the balance that we have based on our monthly salary (Certainly, the users will have to key in these information by themselves). 

I started using this app on Sunday which is the day that I download the application which I have blog about it on the very same day. As I have mentioned previously on the reason why I used this app is because I want to save money for the future of purchasing HDB flat. 

In my previous calculation, I also mentioned that it is quite expensive if my girlfriend and I went ahead to purchase a resale flat as the down payment would be around 100K to 150K depending on the price of a four room flat.

So during this week, I have trained myself to spend less than $10 during the weekday including transport and lunch (since I seldom eat breakfast and I eat dinner at home). If breakfast and dinner is included, $10 will definitely will not be sufficient because traveling alone cost me $4 per day, which eats up 40% of my budget per day. 

However, I have achieve the goal of spending less than $6 for Monday and Wednesday (which is today) buy purchasing a $1.60 bread for my lunch. However, its not the case for Tuesday because of a welcoming dinner, and the total amount I spend for that day is $20.53, that's certainly quite a lot! 

But nonetheless, it is a good start for me, afterall I still need to socialize a bit when I am still young in order to build up my network which will be beneficial for my career in the future and also to meet more new people, especially when they help me out a lot.

So this app is really good at helping me keeping track on my spending and also a way to remind myself not to spend too much. This can also help me to lose weight as well since it stops me from eating too much food and it keeps me healthy!

I will do a spending and saving allocation in my blog soon - under Expenditure and Saving right after I finish writing this blog. 

For this app is a good start for me and there are lots of features that you can play around with. Well, for me I don't really use the other features because my only goal is not to hit $1000 for my spending.

If you have a desire to save money, why not download this app and keep track of your own spending and place a budget limit with this application to remind yourself not to overpsend and save more!

Do you have what it takes to save at least 50% of you net income (after deducting CPF).

Earn well, spend well and save well!

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  1. Hi James,

    Commendable effort to keep your expenses under control. I use an old school style diary to jot down my daily expenses. There're a couple of ways to trim transport expenses which some bloggers have shared in the past. I'm also using my credit card for Ezylink top up so that I can earn points along the way.

    Expenses will only go up as you start your own family, especially with kids.

    1. using credit card as EZLink? which credit card is that? OCBC?

    2. I'm using the POSBank Everyday credit card. There's also the Citi SMRT credit card.

    3. Ahh okay thanks! Will look into that. Thanks!

  2. This is a good app that I have been using for about 4 years. While saving money is good, a lot of people like to cut down on food expenses, my only comment is don't sacrifice quality of food too much because it may affect your health.

    1. Yup, truly understand where you are coming from. For now bread should be enough for me, and also mai jiak too full during lunch cause will feel sleepy de hahaha