Sunday, March 8, 2015

Expense Manager

 Hi Everyone!

As you know I am currently saving for my marriage (Wedding and HDB), my girlfriend and I started to conduct a review on the things that we spend (including food, clothing and etc.). We decide to spend little on stuff like food, instead of going restaurant, we go for hawker center, and for movie, we will watch movie on Sunday because of her M1 (1 for 1 offer) and cheap and fun activity like cycling and etc.

For me, I want to ensure myself that I will only spend $10 on the weekdays (per day) and $20 for weekend. This is to ensure that I can control my budget well and when I do a calculation, with the standard of 20 working days and 4 weekends (8 days), which will gives me a total of $360 for expenses. Entertainment I will spend at most $50 per month and bills which i paid are around $150. Giving my mum $300, this will gives me a total of $860 and round up to $900 + $100 for emergency fund (act as buffer) so the total of $1000.

In order to keep track of my expenses, I have downloaded Expense Manager to ensure that I spend below $1000 for every month so that I can build up my savings to met my goal!.

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I just downloaded the application today, so I cannot really give any review on this application. I will do a review on this application next week. So do check out for the review!

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