Thursday, January 22, 2015

Building Up My Investment Related Link Section

Hi Everyone!

Currently I am consolidating all the useful blogs that I have come across into a single section called, Investment related links which I personally find it useful not just for myself, but for my readers to use this links as reference if they want to find out more about opinions or information about the stocks/companies that we are currently watching.

Therefore, I decided to put up this section which will be a helpful section for all the investors, especially the newbie investors like me, we will be able to find information that we need to get started. 

There is one more thing that I wish to put forward is that, if any investment blogger or people who read this post has any links that you want to provide, do write it down in this blog's comment so that I can put the link on this blog.

Well, getting to know more investors' blog is better than fighting a lone battle with no one by your side assisting you right?

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