Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Receive Interest from OCBC 360 account!

Hi Everyone!

On the 12th of Jan, I have received my first interest from OCBC 360 of $6.31. Well, it is a small amount because I started my account in the middle of December, thus, and the amount I have in the bank wasn't that much. On top of that, I only satisfy only one of the criteria which gives me a total of 1.05% interest rate p.a.

Despite this small amount, I am still quite happy with it because $6.31 is better than the normal interest rate of less than a dollar going by the standard interest rate (for saving account). So my January passive account, I can foresee that it will be only $6.31. Although it is under my expectation but I overlook the matter of fact that it will be pro-rated.

After doing some calculation, I still have $1434.69 to go for my ultimate goal for this year and hope that this year will be a good year for me to reach my goal! My trading account will be done in a few days time, so by that time, I will start my path for investment. This year, I hope to achieve a normal portfolio which enables me to have at least 4.5% dividend yield with the aim of $10,000 of initial capital.

I hope that I can get my performance bonus (in Feb/Mar/Apr) and red packet money (in Feb) which will enable me to use partial of this money for investment to build up my portfolio which will eventually drive my dividend yield to a new height! 

Do check out my very first portfolio either this week or next week!

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  1. Hi, interestingly I just signed up for the OCBC 360 account and I also only satisfy 1 of the criteria. Yes, any small amount is still better than bank interest rates of less than a dollar.