Thursday, January 29, 2015

Updates on my portfolio

Hi Everyone,

I have a major update in my portfolio. If you happen to see my latest portfolio on my right, you can see that I am currently holding 36 lots of Sheng Siong shares. This is my biggest share (in terms of lots) but in terms of percentage in portfolio, ST Engineering is still leading.

So, why am I buying Sheng Siong shares? The reason is because of their expansion and their break through of 72 cents barrier. I have average up to 73 cents per share, although this might be a huge risk for me but I believe with the exposure in overseas as well as moving forward to e-commerce (as Sheng Siong is gearing up to e-commerce area), they will do better and achieve a better standing as they have did before. 

Now I am looking forward for them to break the 74 cents barrier and move forward to the very best and hit 80 cents if possible (maybe I am setting the goal too high). Of course, I will be holding this for a long term basis, as I am the dividend warrior as you can see my portfolio, there are a lot of REITs in it. 

Next update is the raise of Sembcorp Industries, it had break the $4.40 barrier and continue to move up and hopefully by next week it can break the $4.60 barrier to reach a better heights! Due to the cost of this share I am unable to purchase much. With the growth of this rate, I would probably sell Sembcrop Industries if it is unable to hit $5 mark at the end of February. If it hits, I will probably hold it for a long term basis.  

ST Engineering is quite a disappointment but nonetheless I will be keeping ST Engineering for a long term basis. Break through the $3.40 barrier! Well, no pressure on this :)

As for my REITs, I will let it stay in my portfolio for dividends until I see the time to remove them from my portfolio. Currently, I am looking at Keppel DC REITs and SoilBuild Business Space REITs. Because these two are relatively new and I believe in their potential to grow (well I might be wrong) but let's see how it goes!

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