Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Invested in AIMSAMP Capital and Cambridge Industrial Trust

Hi Everyone,

I have invested in these two industrial REITs which is mainly focusing in Singapore. 

7 lots for Cambridge Industrial Trust and 5 lots of AIMSAMP Capital REITs. Well, it seems like I am moving towards on focusing on REITs and my last REITs that I am aiming is First REITs because of it future growth that I am interested in (Healthcare!). 

I will get this REITs either by today or tomorrow and it's no rush because I am waiting to get down a bit more before making my purchase. 

Of course many people will ask me to avoid REITs due to the upcoming increase in interest rate but I still believe that based on their portfolio, these REITs will still be able to do well, if not maintain a bit stable (I presume). 

Because the market is unpredictable, thus, I do not really focus too much on a single stock, which is why I only purchase a small amount on each REITs to test water to see which REITs will do well for this year 2015.

Personally, I believe that First REITs and SoilBuild will do well, of course the rest of the other three REITs will do okay as well. After purchasing First REITs, telco will be next as Singapore telco already caught my attention in purchasing them :)

Do note that my updated shares will be listed at the right column of this blog.

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