Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Preparation for the Battle

Hi Everyone,

As you know, I am currently gearing up myself for the world of trading in this coming mid January. I have already sign up for trading account (waiting for my account to be approved for both POEMs - run by PhillipCaptial and CIMB trading account). I probably have to wait till next week, 15th or 16th of Jan, if not I will need to wait till 19th Jan to get my account activated :(

Well while waiting for the account to be created, research are necessary to see which stock I am interested in. Yesterday was a green green day where almost all the stocks that I am watching (all on blue chips and Singapore REITs). I was mainly focus on CapitaMall Trust keep rising till $2.08 per share (Hope it drops a bit - because I can see CapitaMall Trust Potential). Also, I am now focusing on a REITs call MapleTree Industrial Trust. The reason I am focusing on that is because of it's business nature (focusing on Industrial in Singapore).  

Well my top five picks have changed a bit from the previous post, the following are my picks for 2015:
  1. CaptiaMall Trust 
  2. MapleTree Industrial Trust
  3. Frasers Centrepoint Trust 
  4. ST Enginner
  5. MapleTree Logistic Trust

I vet my thoughts with this website call to see the trend and the fundamental of reading and understanding the company performance. Not sure whether it is good but at least I got all the basic information that I wanted. Do check it out!

Good Day everyone! Happy Trading!

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