Wednesday, January 21, 2015

January 2015 Portfolio

Hi Everyone!

This is my personal investment portfolio for the month of January, and I will be expecting dividends to come in on February (hope so) because Soilbuild Business Space REITs had release the year end report yesterday and was please to see the dividend per share is 0.0158 (if I remember correctly). So tentatively, I will receive $9.51 for this shares. As the year end report is for the year 2014, I was hoping for this REITs to achieve better or maybe a bit worse due to some minor obstacle like lawsuit with JTC and the increase in interest rate.

Lucky for this REITs, most of it's major leases have been extended which is quite a good new for the company as well as for me, who is the new stakeholder that joined in not long ago :)

I have missed the CD for First REITs and Cambridge Capital Trust, so I have to wait for the result for the first quarter or the next dividend release date for 2015.

Fraser Centerpoint will be tomorrow and AIMSAMP Capital Trust will be on the 29th ! YAY


  1. Hi James

    Ahh, now I know why you are so interested in FCT ;)

    Come to the AGM too if you have time. At the very least they do serve food there!!! Free lunch!!!

  2. Yup, I picked up FCT today. quite lucky that I picked up before it hits $2 mark. But I am unable to make it since my workplace is quite far away from the AGM location

  3. Hey James

    Nice portfolio, i linked you up hoping to see you progress over time! good to see new investors here.!


    1. Hi jfree,

      Thank you, I am currently trying to diverse it well in different industry for all my REITs, certainly, some risk involve in my portfolio like SoilBuild and Keppel DC (which i make my bet on - hope it work out well).

      I will linked up to you as well :) Thank for the visit :D