Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Singaporean Grew 112K to 1 million in 7 years!!!

Hi Everyone!

I just came across an interesting article http://www.moneydigest.sg/singaporean-grew-112k-1-million-7-years/ which talks about a lady who started invest SGD$112k and through the investment, currently she have the net worth of SGD$1.6 million with the passive income of more than SGD$59,000!!! WOW!!

That is really really amazing to see with just 7 years she can hit this target, it really surprise not just me but everyone!!! With that amount of passive income, she can really retire from her job and live a simple and a relax life. (Well, I believe she got savings in her bank as well :))

But the result is truly amazing, this will be my goal before 40 years old, I must reach this level of passive income! Which means that I have around 13 years to go and I have 6 years of advantage over the lady in the article. Certainly, I have to work hard and invest smart in order to achieve the goal in a faster pace.  

Hope I can become a dividend knight or even king hahaha.... well I am really far from that :(


  1. She is great, a hard worker and having to look after 4 kids.
    After studying her data for over an hour, here's what i get:
    -over 10 years,
    -total capital gain is about 400k
    -total dividend gain is about 273k
    -since her networth is 1.6m, and 670k comes from capital gain + dividend,
    -it means that she saved and invested 1 million (high salary probably the reason)
    -total return on investment is about 50%, or 5% annualised.

    Just some estimates.

    1. Oops. Forgot to add in the foreign stocks. So i think she got 100% returns over 10 yrs, or 7% annualised.