Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Personal Portfolio

Hi Everyone!

Today I shall share my overall portfolio in terms of percentage whereby it will split into different areas in order to earn passive income. Passive income can come from different sources, the sources that I am looking for (if you remember my 2015 new year resolution), it will be mainly on stock investment and bank interest (OCBC 360).

I am a low risk person and on top of that I hope to achieve my target of $1440 (in terms of passive income) in 2015. Although in the month of January, I wont be earning any more passive income as I have yet to invest in any stock and my next interest for OCBC 360 will be in February.

Well, with $1300++ to go, it might seems to be a challenge, but I will not give up on this target and will continue to move forward to achieve it:)

So now about my personal portfolio, I would need to split into a safer distribution with the intention of maximizing my OCBC interest and also start on my investment journey in the brand new year of 2015!

80% funds or $50,000 (if I am able to reach this amount) will still resides in OCBC 360 in order to maximize the interest rate for it. 15% of my current funds will be going to blue chips and the remaining 5% of my funds will go to Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF. 

The main reason for doing that is to earn as much passive income as possible without any risk. The most risky portion out of the above 3 options, is probably investing in blue chips. Although investing in blue chips is quite safe (depending on what stock you purchase), but for me the risk level is still there as compare to the other two (not saying that the other two have no risk, but slightly lower risk than blue chips).

So, you might think, what is the first blue chip that I will be purchasing (is it the same as what I have mention earlier)? Well, that you will have to check out my next post because things change as you learn more. My account will be ready either by today or tomorrow. So do check it out :)

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