Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Invested in Keppel DC REITs

Hi Everyone,

This is my second day of investment! Today I bought 5 lots of Keppel DC REITs just for a test but I do strongly believe that this shares will do well because of it's nature - Data Centers. Why I believe that is because of the recent boom of internet business and many tradition business are moving to the internet business. Of course they also have cloud computing hub which really interest me because cloud computing is growing and I believe they will do well in this area. Finally, I am using my engineering guts instinct to bet on this shares and believe it will continue to prosper for a few years time and maybe even longer than I expected :D

This are the properties that Keppel DC REITs has at the moment

  • S25 and T25 in Singapore - Southeast Asia's data centre hub; 
  • Gore Hill Data Centre in Sydney, Australia - a main data centre hub in Australia
  • iseek Data Centre in Brisbane, Australia - a key data centre hub in Australia
  • Basis Bay Data Centre in Cyberjaya, Malaysia - multimedia internet super corridor in Malaysia; 
  • GV7 Data Centre in London, the United Kingdom - Europe's data centre hub; 
  • Almere Data Centre in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with proximity to major European trading hubs; and 
  • Citadel 100 Data Centre in Dublin, Ireland - Europe's cloud computing hub.

Oh yea, I bought 5 lots (500 shares) for Keppel DC REITs - under a dollar per share, well since I bought some of Soilbuild Business Space yesterday and my focus is always on Blue Chips but the blue chips that I am aiming is still a bit too expensive to purchase, so well wait for a while longer.

More information about Keppel DC REITs from Motley Fools

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