Friday, January 23, 2015

MySurvey Reward!

Hi Everyone!

Today is a surprise day for me because I got my reward from doing online survey!!! Although the reward is small, but I just spend like less than a month for this reward!

The reward is a $10 CapitaMall voucher! Good right? I never expect it to come so fast as there are many reviews on this website call saying that the voucher will arrive like one or two months. But I got it! I got picture got talk.

This is not a scam or not my scheme to trying to use referral method to earn point, the main reason why I post this is because I want to share a good lobang/opportunity with my readers. If you are still suspicious of the link that I have posted above, you can go google search for this website or just key in the URL on your own. 

So do try this out, I am also currently trying out other survey website to see whether they can deliver their promise to us, the people who do the survey for them. I will label this as one of my passive/side income. $10 boost to my target :)

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