Sunday, January 25, 2015

Consolidated Stocks and Company Report

Hi Everyone,

Today is a brand new day of the week, fresh week for those who are waiting for Keppel Corp's result on the share price. There are many speculation on the possible of the share price to go up and go down. Well, we will know the result today, in actual fact is just less than a few hours time. I am looking forward to it as I believe that Keppel Corp will have a higher price than it's previous closing price. 

The reason why I think that is because of it acquisition which helps to boost their business area and the possible income for the company. This is why I see this as an opportunity rather than a liability. Well, this is just my views on this, we will see whether I am correct in my own personal analysis.

Of course, the reason for this post is not to discuss about Keppel Corp but to share a nice website which has all the stocks and company report from various sources. It is good for users who do not have access to this information like me because we didnt sign up for all the brokerage in Singapore to get all these reports. 

However, do note that this website updates when the market close on that day, so you can do a After Action Review (AAR) to see the trend and invest it on the very next day. In order to get the first hand news, it will be best to read on these information through your brokerage that you have sign up with. 

I hope this week will be a down trend week in order for me to enter into some of the blue chips if not, I will have to wait till the CNY period before investing again

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