Sunday, January 25, 2015

Lose Weight and Win Vouchers!!! I got $5 NTUC Vouchers!

Hi Everyone!

Last month, I have start using an application called "Healthy Living" which is a trial app adopted @ One-North building. Do refer to this post if you want to know more about the application that I am talking about:

And I did it! In less than a month, I manage to earn myself a $5 NTUC Fairprice gift voucher. Below is the picture of proof that I have really won this voucher using the Healthy Living Application.

So, whats the requirement to win this voucher? The requirement is very easy, just open up the application and it will run at the back-end of your mobile system to track how long u have been walking or exercising. So how long do I need to exercise in order to get this reward? Since the requirement is 30 hearts (their currency is hearts) and each hearts requires an movement/exercise of 30 mins, so you will need to be active for 15 hours to get this voucher!

Well, 15 hours can seems to be a lot but we have to walk daily, like window shopping, take a walk after a meal, walk to work/school and many many more. Just bring your mobile phone along and make sure that the app is running as a back end services, it will be an easy feat!

For me, I took quite sometime to earn this reward but is quite fulfilling to get this reward when I hit the target. So my next and final target is to obtain another $5 dollar voucher for next month as this event will last till the end of Feb. Of course there is another way of earning hearts, which is by joining the activity held by HPB, personally, I did not join their activity because of the time as I have to accompany my girlfriend and family, so I only concentrate on walking to earn those hearts in order to achieve my target!

So, for those who wants to earn at least a $5 NTUC voucher, do download the apps and read the instruction carefully and start your walking activity now!

Good luck! Oh, before I forget, if you sign up for this app, you can receive a towel for free and a sure win lucky draw when you get 10 hearts. So join now if possible and if you are working at one-north, you must join! :)

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