Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tentative Dividend Schedule + Dividends

Hi Everyone,

I have posted my portfolio which I am satisfied about (in case if anyone did not see my portfolio, it's located at the right hand side of the blog and I also posted about it at this link January Portfolio).

So now, as a new investor aiming for good dividends, I am more concentrate on when can I get my dividends rather than aiming for capital gains (of course, I don't mind having capital gain as well).

So in today's topic, I will list down all the dividend dates from all my counters/shares that I have bought (just a rough estimate)

*Do note that, current I do not have the dividend information on Keppel DC because it is a new REITs.

My dates will be starting on February since I started trading in the mid of January, so February will be my office start of my own financial year 

February - SoilBuild Business Space Trust ($9.51), Fraser Centerpoint Trust ($13.75)
March - AIM AMPS CAP IND Trust ($13.85)
April - ST Engineering ($120)
May - SoilBuild Business Space Trust ($9.372), First REITs ($13.93), Fraser Centerpoint Trust ($14.40), Sembcorp Industry ($85), Sheng Siong ($8.4)
June - Cambridge Industrial Trust ($8.757), AIM AMPS CAP IND Trust ($12.55)
July - Fraser Centerpoint Trust ($11.98)
August - ST Engineering ($40), SoilBuild Business Space Trust ($9), First REITs ($14), Fraser Centerpoint Trust ($3.13), Sheng Siong ($9)
September - Cambridge Industrial Trust ($8.757), AIM AMPS CAP IND Trust ($12.75), Sembcorp Industry ($25)
October - SoilBuild Business Space Trust ($9.276)
November - Fraser Centerpoint Trust ($13.925)
December -Cambridge Industrial Trust ($8.75), AIM AMPS CAP IND Trust ($13.85)
January - 

Because I have missed First REITs and Cambridge Industrial Trust previous dividend, thus, I will not include it in.

So the estimated total amount that I will get till the end of the year (December), will be around $331.827, which gives me a total dividend yield of 3.2987%. Well, not bad for a start and as I have mention I didnt include the last quarter of First REITs and Cambridge Industrial Trust, also not included Keppel DC REITs. So the total dividend yield is definitely higher than this amount. 

So let's see in the end of the year, whether my dividend yield will increase :D


  1. Hi JYKL,

    Good start on the road to Financial Freedom Kingdom! And every months have passive incomes coming! Keppel DC REIT probably starts paying dividend in Sept.


    1. Hi Farmer,

      Thank for the encouragement! Certainly is just a start as compared to yours with solid portfolio. I and slowly building up my portfolio in this year to generate more passive income as what I have projected now :D

      Would it be possible to add your blog into my blog list?

    2. Hi James,

      Sure. No problem.


  2. Hi James

    Im sure the figures will keep on rolling if you keep doing this.

    Keep it going.

    1. Yes! I am aiming for higher dividend yield on stable stocks! :D Hope I can achieve it